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With a fresh attitude towards marketing communications and a great reputation, we're confident
we can make advertising work for you.
We give all our clients, our full attention, we also prefer FACE to FACE meetings
and insist on the constant communication.
It's our expertise that gives us the capabilities we have and the effectiveness you demand.

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Media Plan started business in Cairo in 2007 as a completely independent Marketing Solutions Company. We are stuffed with high professional calibers who are dedicated to create a genuine customer value in the Egyptian market. We do consider our design development talents as a marketing and advertising tool for our clients. It is our main objective to make YOU SUCCEED.

Our Message

Our core concern is to connect the end user with the existing brand names in the market, and we do it right. Why?
Because Media Plan has it all: Talent, Experience, Knowledge and Innovation. Each Brand, Product and advertising campaign deserves its unique treatment (handling)
And through brainstorming and market study, we can reach the best marketing tactics that will be your stepping stones that will ultimately get you to your business objectives. While for advertising, we act as a consultant and a business marketing partner providing you with the convenient advertising and promotional material, you may be looking for. That`s why we are a new company with huge capabilities ..... That`s why we are growing ..... FAST!

Why Us ?

1. New instead of fresh. 2. We give all our clients, our full attention, we also prefer FACE to FACE meetings and insist on the constant communication.
3. We exert all the needed effort to give our clients the first class service that they expect and deserve .
4.You can expect a remarkable quality at a small price.
5. Dissatisfaction and not un- satisfaction.
6. Designs will be sent in different formats to be reviewed from your side without any extra charge.
7. Our clients whether big or small are treated equally, as we are keen to make small businesses look great.



We support you with the tips on designing the best design ideas for your Identity, benefits from on-demand printing, tips to perk up greeting cards and many more. Printed promotional products are very popular. Find out how you can get the most out of your savings while maximizing connections in your market.

Web design

We create best-in-class website designs, and Flash multimedia applications. Our business-driven approach separates us from a typical web design company that’s why we are building a reputation for creating an unparallel return on investment for our clients. If you are serious about your web design success, we can get you there.

3D Animation

3D Animation Services include 3D Graphics, Character Animation, Models and Logos. For Oil and Gas, Architects, Interior Designers, Inventors for Prototypes, Medical, Industrials, any companies needing 3d Animation, Modeling, Presentation or Video production.

2D Designs

In all successful design there is first intent, a purpose and a guiding conception of what is to become. The strength of that concept has more impact on the success of the final design than any other single factor you've got to develop a worthwhile concept before you can expect a worthwhile design.


1.a stall, compartment, or light structure for the sale of goods or for display purposes, as at a market, exhibition, or fair.
2.a partly enclosed compartment or partitioned area, as in a restaurant or music store, equipped for a specific use by one or more persons.

Outdoor Locations

Any advertising done outdoors that publicizes your business's products and services. Types of outdoor advertising include billboards, bus benches, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis and business vehicles, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location.


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